The role of diversity and inclusion of the fashion industry in stimulating Arab procurement in Britain

Posted: November 4, 2021

The importance of the fashion industry in Britain

The UK plays a leading role in fashion education on a global scale. It has six of the world’s 20 leading fashion universities, and it offers one of the’ Big Four’ fashion weeks, called “London Fashion Week.”

As fashion plays an important role in how people conceive themselves, it has a great ability of influencing them. Therefore, Britain’s fashion industry contributes to influencing people from different nationalities due to its cosmopolitan nature.

In addition to the global impact of the fashion industry on people, it also has a major impact on Britain’s economy, providing 800 thousand jobs, with a market value of €26 bn.


Diversity and inclusion of fashion industry in the UK:

The fashion industry in the UK has a distinctive character because of the various cultures the UK has and the resulting mutual impact of fashion since it has direct and indirect effects.

An instance of its direct impact is the confidence boost a person gets when dressed up formally. As for the indirect impact, many celebrities become associated with certain clothes, which they often consciously use to project an image of themselves or their country.

As a result, diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry have been established in the UK. Each culture of these diverse cultures expresses itself and defines its distinction by its fashion. Thus, an industry stresses inclusion by producing the fashion required by these different cultures.

Among the most prominent markets in the British fashion industry is the Arab market in Britain as a result of their love for fashion and luxury brands.


The fashion industry for the Arab market in Britain

Arab tourists in Britain are enthusiastic about shopping in the UK, where they lavish on spending as about double an average shopper on shoes and clothing. The seasons of Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha are an opportunity for retailers in the fashion industry to increase their sales to the Arabs

Arab visitors in Britain show minor interest in food and beverages, compared to their interest in the latest fashion trends, such as handbags, shoes, watches, and exclusive jewelry.

London is considered Arabs’ major shopping destination in Europe for various reasons, including that English is the most common language of the Arabs after Arabic. Another reason, London is known for its history, culture, convenient weather, and providing hotels and tourist support for Arabs in Britain.

There are various retail outlets for fashion targeting Arabs in Britain, including traditional or cartoon retail outlets.


The prevalence of modest fashion among Arabs in the UK

Islam is the prevailing religion of Arabs in Britain, as about 78% of the Arabs belong to Islam. Therefore, many Arabs are more interested in modest clothes. The UK has become one of the epicentres of the global modest fashion market.

At the same time, many British fashion enterprises produce modest clothing. Thus, many Arabs in Britain are happy to purchase fashion products from the UK.

This supports diversity and inclusion in Britain as Muslim Arabs in Britain seek outfits that go with their beliefs. They simply find what they look for in Britain.

The presence of retail outlets that provide Arab clothing in Britain influences the rest of the British industries. Without these clothes, the UK will not be the focus of attention of a lot of Arabs as now. Thus their demand for different British industries would weaken.

British fashion influences Arabs in Britain. The Arabs in Britain influence British fashion as well, as a result of their great purchasing capacity.

Therefore, fashion in Britain is one of the essential tools that can be used to promote diversity and inclusion.


Questions for Arabs:

Do you prefer modest clothes?

Do you find the right clothes for you in the UK?










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