Recruitment and Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition has become more complicated in recent years, and recruiting the right people is critical to business success. We understand that identifying talent with the ability to perform well within the culture of your organisation and your clients has become a top priority, so we have developed a recruitment process that is highly effective at finding your perfect candidate.


Our expertise focuses on sourcing and developing the most desirable Arabic-speaking candidates that understand the market and are consumer-minded, which leads to better business results.


Who you hire can make or break a business, so we have developed a successful recruitment service for you comprising of six steps:

  1. Pre-hire preparation: an important and cost-effective early step of the hiring process, with the goal to put the recruitment train in the correct track. It encompasses the 360° necessary processes to be dealt with before pursuing the recruitment, making sure that you are armed with the most relevant information that will seamlessly integrate your new employee into your business.
  2. Sourcing and shortlisting: Sourcing is time-consuming because it comprises different methods: database searching, targeted email campaigns, LinkedIn approaches, and social media exposure. Reviewing every applicant to ensure that the clients only see the most suitable candidates is not an easy task. This includes CV screening, filtering, and shortlisting.
  3. Interviews: Interviews are still the best way of finding out whether a candidate will be the right fit for your organisation, your culture, and your customers.
  4. Competency Assessment and Psychometric testing: Unlike aspects such as education, experience and appearance, the behavioural traits, personality, and numerical skills of a candidate can be much more difficult to assess during an interview. Assessment and psychometric testing help give a more objective overview of a candidate’s character, strengths, weaknesses and working style, and then give a better overall evaluation of a candidate.
  5. Reference checking and working eligibility: The purpose is to establish eligibility, including eligibility to work in the UK, security-related background checks and criminal records (e.g., working with children or vulnerable adults), health check, credit history check, proof of qualifications, and references from previous employers.
  6. Offer Management: 39% of professionals say they’ve rejected a job offer because another opportunity emerged during a delay, we can easily resolve this gap by better coordination and smarter communication with the prospective candidate. We can make offers to successful candidates (and negotiate on your behalf if required) and inform unsuccessful candidates if they are not right for the role.
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